ACTIVZ: A6 and Beyond!

A6 and Beyond!

Attend the ACTIVZ US Ribbon Cutting event on June 1, 2019 for free!  That’s right, ACTIVZ is willing to pay your way to the US Ribbon Cutting event when you hit new paid ranks between March 1 and April 30, 2019.  No matter your current paid rank, if you advance your paid rank during the promotional period, we have something for each of you.  But the rewards get REALLY good at A6 so our mantra for you for the next two months is “A6 and Beyond!”


 Advance to A2-A5 and receive:

(1) Free event registration.


Advance to A6 and receive the following:

  • (1) Event registration
  • (2) Nights at host hotel
  • (1) VIP Recep
  • (1) VIP Seating


Advance to A7 or above and receive the following:

  • (2) Event registration
  • $250 Travel Voucher
  • (2) Nights at host hotel
  • (2) VIP Reception
  • (2) VIP Seating
ACTIVZ A6 and beyond promo

ACTIVZ A6 and beyond promo

 Terms and Conditions: 

  • Rank advancements are based on paid rank.
  • The “base paid rank” is your paid rank based on February 2019.
  • This promotion is exclusive to United States & Mexico offered as separate promotions in both markets.
  • Qualifying positions are non-transferable and are only valid for those listed on the account.
  • No substitutions or cash equivalent will be rewarded.
  • If the qualifier does not respond or redeem a prize within the designated timeframe, or rejects the prize, ACTIVZ will have the right to terminate the prize. Qualifiers expressly authorize ACTIVZ to disseminate in any media that ACTIVZ deems appropriate, whatever they may be, her or his full name, country and city of origin, likeness and, in general, all data that may be required for the purpose of disseminating this promotion in the media and in the manner in which ACTIVZ disposes, without the right to any compensation.
  • All promotions of ACTIVZ may be suspended, canceled or modified, in whole or in part, at any time in its sole discretion, without prior notice and without any claim by the participants. ACTIVZ is the unappealable authority that will interpret all the questions that arise in relation to this promotion and the bases and conditions of the promotion.
  • Any violation of these terms and conditions or the misconduct of any prize qualifier will, at the sole discretion of ACTIVZ, result in the revocation of the winner’s prize and designation as a prize winner, and all privileges related to her or his character as winner will be terminated with immediate effect.  The receipt of any of the components of the prize of this promotion by the qualifier is conditioned upon prior compliance with each of the applicable requirements and in accordance with the provisions of applicable law. Each prize qualifier is responsible for any and all taxes that may be applicable to the award of the prize.


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